Snowboard Binding

With our snowboard bindings, in addition to comfort and accuracy of fit, the most important thing is precise power transmission. The bindings of Nitro offer you this comfort and the necessary damping, so you can concentrate on driving. Always implemented with the latest technologies in terms of performance, you get a super quality at a fair price! With us you will find your new snowboard binding from Nitro suitable for your snowboard or spiltboard. In the category snowboard bindings in the el Tschecho snowboard store for men and women you will find a very large selection of quality snowboard bindings, boots and boards that fit you perfectly.


Support, safety and reliability with Nitro snowboard bindings.

Nitro has been one of the leading brands in snowboard bindings for years. An important reason for this is the durability and safety that Nitro bindings offer. Thanks to their sturdy construction from high-quality materials, such as aluminum and plastic, they are very durable and can withstand a lot. In addition, you can adjust the bindings to the rider to ensure a perfect connection between the snowboard and the rider. A safe and reliable binding gives the snowboarder the opportunity to fully concentrate on the slopes and provides a better riding experience.

Nitro snowboard bindings for every style of rider

Nitro offers a wide range of binding options to suit different rider styles and needs. By using flexible highbacks and baseplates that are adjustable in stiffness, snowboarders can customize their bindings to their individual preferences. For example, you can adjust the damping to match the slope conditions for an even better riding experience. Because of this flexibility and customizability, Nitro bindings are great for beginners and advanced snowboarders alike.

Nitro snowboard bindings take you to the next level

Nitro relies on innovative technologies to improve the performance and functionality of their bindings. One example of this is the PowerLite baseplate, which is particularly lightweight yet very durable. This improves power transfer from the rider's legs to the snowboard. Another example is Reflex technology, which adjusts the highback to the rider's movements in real time for improved responsiveness. By using modern technologies, Nitro bindings always keep their finger on the pulse and the products are continuously improved. Nitro bindings are the ideal choice for those looking for high quality, technologically advanced and flexible bindings.